Marius C. Merkel is a communication designer based in Cologne and Baden-Baden, Germany. He works interdisciplinarily in the various areas of visual communication like Illustration, Typography, Editorial Design, Visual Identitys, Motion Design and Photography. Since 2018, he has been working as an independent graphic designer for various international clients. „In my work, I focus on the message to be achieved – I break down the content to the main message and express it visually in a meaningful supporting design form.“ During his studies at ABK Stuttgart, he attended various courses led by Gerwin Schmidt, Patrick Thomas and Ulrike Myrzik. In 2021, he successfully graduated as a communication designer with a mixture of photographic documentation and fact-based graphic processing on the topic of light pollution.


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Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft; Staatsministerium Baden-Württemberg; Serviceplan; Rausgegangen Köln; Red Bull Deutschland; Familienbrauerei Dinkelacker;  ICAS Blackforest

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